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Finding Genuine Cheap Conveyancing Fees | Friday, July 13th, 2012

Conveyancing has become a lot cheaper in recent years as a result of conveyancers offering online services and cheap conveyancing fees as a result.

Some advertisement online will offer conveyancing for as little as £99 plus VAT – but while cheap conveyancing fees may be tempting, buyers and vendors need to make sure that they will be receiving the conveyancing service they need.

If a cheap conveyancing quote means receiving poor service and possibly losing the property you wanted to buy through delays, a £99 deal for conveyancing will turn out to be a bad bargain.

An online search is the easiest way to find a cheap conveyancing quote, but make sure that you follow up more than one or two quotes to make sure that the service offered will fulfil your needs.

Cheap conveyancing fees around the £99 mark are most likely to be aimed at buyers, as vendors’ conveyancing fees are usually more costly because of the extra paperwork involved in selling a property – including making sure an energy efficiency rating is in place for the property and that records at the Land Registry are in order.

Any extra service required outside the terms of the conveyancing quote – for example, an additional search or local planning enquiry – is likely to be charged as an additional fee, so a cheap conveyancing deal might actually turn out to be more expensive.

Solicitors or other providers of cheap conveyancing fees should be able to tell buyers and vendors what will be included – as well as any services which might incur an additional charge. Make sure you get this in writing before signing up to a tempting deal for your conveyancing.

Although online conveyancing can make the process faster and cheaper, do not disregard the possibility of using a local conveyancing company.

Online conveyancing quotes can be pitched low because the process does not include face-to-face meetings with the conveyancer or phone calls – the client can check the progress of their conveyancing online 24/7 and as most legal documents are now online also, obtaining legal documents required in conveyancing and property deeds has become much simpler.

However, if you are buying or selling an older or listed property – or there are obvious planning issues involved in the transaction, it is possible that using a local firm offering cheap conveyancing fees may be preferable in case meetings or phone calls need to take place.

Many local conveyancers will offer set fee levels for conveyancing and if a property is being sold as part of a divorce settlement or the estate of a deceased individual, there may be several interested parties in the property transaction, including ex-spouses or beneficiaries of the estate such as children.

The more complex a property transaction is, the more likely it will be that using a firm which offers cheap conveyancing fees might turn out to be less satisfactory.

The best course of action is to shop around for cheap conveyancing quotes – and make sure you know what the quote covers and have a rough idea of how any extras will be charged.

Using an online conveyancing calculator can help give you a quick estimate of conveyancing fees – and many companies are happy to discuss your conveyancing needs before offering a quote, so if the transaction is likely to involve other parties or listed properties, make sure your conveyancing deal will cover these.