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Finding a suitable conveyancing solicitor for your conveyancing needs is harder than you think. Some estate agents and mortgage advisors only promote property solicitors that they think we reap them the biggest referral fee and are no way concerned whether your receive a poor or good service. Some agents don’t like recommending anyone as a poor service from a conveyancing firm may reflect badly on themselves or their company. With this in mind, where do you search next and does price reflect quality of service received? Yes everyone would like a proactive solicitor that is experienced and efficient for their transaction but are the clients willing to pay the increased fees? Unfortunately no one anticipate poor communication and neglectful service from any professional regardless of the occupation, and the same applies to conveyancing solicitors. Usually solicitors these days don’t talk in plain English and don’t feel the need to explain anything to their clients so they understand what is actually going on in the conveyancing process

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Points to consider when hiring are:

1. Is the solicitor firm specialists in conveyancing or do they specialises in other fields. If the firm specialises in only conveyancing, then they will always be available to be contacted as there wouldn’t generally be a need for them not to be at their work place in their normal office hours. Non specialists however may be often out of their office due to other commitments relating to their law services for example immigration or criminal law

2. does the conveyancing solicitors work with mortgage brokers or estate agents, and if so who with? Mortgage brokers and estate agents can usually be an excellent source of work for solicitors and therefore solicitors that are not of a good professional manner are not usually used. The referrers want the conveyancing solicitors to reflect favourably on the them therefore they assure that the conveyancers used are fast and efficient with good level of service agreements. Usually solicitors working with large nationwide estate agents are more efficient and resourceful to the client and their needs.

3. does the conveyancing solicitor have a case management system and is it directly linked to the case management system used by the firm or is it a separate system that needs manually updating? More advanced Case Management Systems(CMS) update you in real time as the conveyancing team are actually working on your file keeping you informed at all times regardless of your location. Poorer case management systems, usually the cheaper more dated ones, are updated manually and therefore not in real time meaning that there is more room for lack of updates and poorer communication. Real time updates online keep you informed and relieve you of uncertainty of the progress of your conveyancing file.

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